Run Away

November 1, 2012 at 8:07 am | Posted in Life and Living | 1 Comment

When I was little, I remember having thoughts of running away. They were never for a long, extended time and I would never really envision where I would go. Instead, I would envision what I would take with me. It wasn’t so much that I was looking for something new. I was looking for a way to get out of a situation fast, but clearly I wasn’t ready to let go of the comfort of my home. What in the world would I do without my bed? Where would I sleep?

Today, I still dream of running away from it all sometimes. When times get tough, don’t we all want to escape? Today, I am less connected to the material things that always got me out of these thoughts when I was younger. Instead, I get away from these thoughts when the reality hits that there are too many people/pets that I love that I’d be leaving behind.

Today, my dreams of running away include a destination. I dream of a place where my problems can’t find me, where money doesn’t matter, where it’s warm all year round and people are nice, where driving is a fun past time, where I see ocean and mountain and natural beauty every day, where the sound of the ocean permeates the air, instead of police sirens and rap music. I dream of a place where I can start over, right all the wrongs.

But deep down, I know I can’t run away from it all. My life is what I have chosen it to be, and only I can change it. I don’t have it in me to leave my loved ones behind, because that’s what matters most to me in my life. It’s the people in my life that make the hard times worth it.

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  1. “I dream of a place where I can start over, right all the wrongs.”
    Quite profound. But, a wrong committed can never be made right. It can only be forgiven. That’s the hard part. Forgiveness starts with acceptance, as much from the one who commited the act to the one who was wronged and suffered from the act. For some, forgiveness never comes. We can never run away from the wrongs we’ve committed. No pearls of wisdom here. Simply observation of paths chosen, right and wrong.

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