Guest Post: Finding An Affordable Engagement Ring

November 8, 2012 at 7:34 am | Posted in Relationship Woes | Leave a comment

I may be at the other end of the spectrum at this point, but I remember all too well the process of shopping for the perfect and affordable engagement ring that will stand the test of time.  With all that you see and hear — the 4 c’s, etc. it’s a lot to take in!  So I’ve called on the experts to offer a few words of advice to the soon-to-be engaged couples who have their hearts set on diamonds.

For young men in committed relationships, one of the most daunting considerations is the eventual price of the engagement ring. Of course, if as a young couple you are truly in love and devoted to the idea of marriage, this is a price you will be glad to pay when the day finally comes. But that doesn’t make the impact on your wallet any less significant. The simple fact is, most young couples are not in a great position yet to afford the cost of an extravagant diamond engagement ring. Even if you both have stable jobs, most young couples planning marriages are focused on saving as much as they can. And this is why it is well worth considering some of the following tips for how to go about selecting an affordable, but still stunning engagement ring.

Shop Online

If you start your ring shopping process in stores or at your local mall, you will likely be hassled by salespeople looking to sell you on expensive rings. It can be hard to make up your own mind, and even harder to compare options between stores. Instead, try going to a site like 77 Diamonds, where you can compare options and prices, and even customize wedding rings, entirely on your own. This can lead you to finding something you like for the price you need.

Set A Budget

Some will advise you to set a budget for your shopping before you actually start looking. The idea of this is that you will avoid the temptation of more expensive rings from the start. However, it is generally more prudent to do a bit of shopping and browsing, and then set your budget once you have a clearer idea of your price range. From that point on, you can put a sensible limit on your spending and choose not to exceed that limit.

Consider Shapes

If you want to ensure that you get a unique engagement ring, but you are finding it difficult to do so without going over your price range, consider diamond shape. Diamonds can be formed into many different shapes, some of which are fairly popular and orthodox, and others of which are a bit more creative or artistic. If you find a shape that stands out, it might be a great way to make your ring unique.

Consider Cut

The cut of a ring is what truly determines its quality in many people’s eyes, as it determines how well the ring will reflect light. If you are going to choose a feature to focus on purely in terms of quality, you may want to choose cut, as opposed to carat. Carat refers to weight, and size of a diamond, and larger diamonds are generally more expensive. Focus on finding a smaller but more perfect stone.

Ignore The Phrase “Colorless”

Finally, don’t try to find a diamond in the color range of D-F, which is generally the “colorless” range. Stones in the range below this technically have some color to them, but it is virtually imperceptible. You may be able to find a diamond on this lower scale for a cheaper price.

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