A Lesson in Gender and Identity

November 27, 2012 at 7:32 am | Posted in Life and Living | 2 Comments
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We are all born into certain assumptions.  We are born with the parts of a boy or a girl, the skin of our parents’ race.  We are designed to meet certain societal expectations.  The spectrums we are measured on are made simple.  Everything seems white or black in this simple world.

But alas, the world is not simple.  You can’t paint a little girl’s room pink and automatically expect her to connect with her femininity.  It is true that most people will connect with the gender they are born into, but life is not black and white.  There are many colors on the spectrums we are measured on.  But we are taught that it is this biology that assigns your gender.  So many may never even find the language to explain why they don’t feel right in their own skin.

So when my husband began talking about the transition of Lana Wachowski, who directed the Matrix Trilogy with her brother Andy, I was intrigued.  My husband, the movie buff, informed me that these directors, clearly incredibly accomplished contributors to the film industry, never did interviews, so when this announcement came, that made it even more interesting.  Lana was finally ready to give up her privacy for the greater good — becoming a voice for those struggling with gender identity.

I can honestly say that I personally have never felt a lack of clarity in my own gender or sexuality.  But I have a natural curiosity and desire to understand people who are different from me.  I have grown and continue to try to be open-minded and accept that the world as it was handed to me at birth is not what is seems, and in the differences I learn of from all of the people I meet, the world is, in fact, a much more colorful, and wonderful place.

Lana Wachowski recently shared her story at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual gala, where she received the Visibility Award.  I have watched her 30 minute speech several times, relating to her desire to fit in, to find her voice, to be seen for who she is.  I share the video of her speech with my readers because I truly believe that this woman, this hero, can touch so many people beyond the transgender community.  I believe that, if you remain open-minded, the possibilities are endless.  I hope that her courage inspires us all to not shut out people we don’t understand, not to hate those who are different, that we, as a society, need to be more welcoming.  That the human race is a broad spectrum that isn’t measured in black and white.  It is a beautiful rainbow with talented souls like Lana who make the world a better place.



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  1. Great read! Have always been a huge fan of these directors. Lana is a true artist. If she is happy then that’s what counts. Can’t wait to see more great films from her. The Speech is an eye opener and many should view.

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