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I was watching the local news last night — something I rarely do — when a story about a local elementary school opening a time capsule came on.  With my PR hat on, my first thought was “what a perfect local news, feel good story.”  My second thought goes to that feel good story.  Being the reminiscent person that I am, I start thinking about how much things have changed in my lifetime, and what would be in my time capsule today to open in 25 years?

It’s sort of a fun exercise.  What symbolizes this time?  What exists now that would be a true relic for future generations?

Being the sentimental person that I am (heck, if I wasn’t sentimental, this blog wouldn’t exist), I have held on to a lot of items from my past.  They fit into just a few small shoe boxes: little love notes, photos, tickets and the like.  When I moved out, I took almost everything I owned with me.  What I left behind were these boxes.

Kind of an interesting metaphor. Was I subconsciously leaving behind those memories all these years, perhaps to focus on moving forward?  But I digress.

So while visiting my parents’ last weekend, I took one of these boxes with me.  In it were many fun little relics from my teenage years, and it was amazing to connect back to that time and remember how I felt and what I was going through.  There are moments when I think I was a little crazy, sometimes so innocent, sometimes I was pretty smart.  A lot of things I said back then are values I still live by today.

I remember having all of these intense feelings, and I always had the future in my head.  I thought about college and marriage.  I thought about what I understood being a grown up to be.  I remember feeling misunderstood, like many teens do.  I remember promising myself that I would treat my kids differently, better somehow.

It is yet to be seen if I will live up to my promise, but I know at the time I was thinking that the only way I would remember was by creating these boxes.  A young me was right.  These boxes are my own personal time capsule, and they do what all good time capsules do.  They should you how far you’ve come.

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