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January 3, 2013 at 7:35 am | Posted in Friends Then and Now, Life and Living | Leave a comment
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At my wedding, my maid of honor/best friend/fellow blogger (over at Dezolutions) gave a wonderful toast that truly epitomized our friendship. Many parts of it were not at all surprising, but the way she tied it all together struck a chord with me and gave me a renewed perspective on the way I live my life.

As part of her speech, she included the obligatory embarrassing stories from our college years — great stories and memories of times we had too much fun and got into some trouble )like any teen/young adult who is living right does). And what she said about my attitude during these situations was really eye opening. She described my repeated reaction as cool, calm, and collected — a simple “I got this” and it was taken care of, whatever it was.

Now I’m not typically considered a “calm” person (my husband is probably laughing while he reads this), but when it’s go time — when it’s time to be serious — I can get my game face on.  I was always the friend in college who was able to convince the others that I wasn’t that drunk.  I could always pull it together to carry home whoever was more drunk than me.  And the stories that she mentioned in her speech (mostly involving minor incidents with the law) were all examples of a combination of game face and a couple of tricks I kept up my sleeve just for instances such as these.

And what was ironic about this hook in her speech was that she was the one keeping me calm all throughout the stresses of my engagement.  As true best friends, we bring out the best in each other, sometimes even using each other’s words and philosophies to keep us grounded.

And now as I face additional stresses (they all seem to come at once!),  I am reminded of this speech.  I am reminded of the go-getter attitude that I was born with.  I am reminded that no matter what challenges come my way, I can take them on, and I will triumph in the end somehow.

Somehow, I got this.  I still got this.

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