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I was watching a reality show recently (oh come on, everybody does it — don’t judge!), whenI caught a line from one of the competitors that has stuck in my mind.  When asked what she thought about winning the competition she said, “winning is about the moment, better is forever.”  I gotta say, I totally get it.

Living one’s life for a moment of glory is hard to predict and a lot to hope for, but living one’s life striving to be a better person everyday can really make life worth living.  I plan to be a lifelong learner, learning from many sources — from experience, exploration, and education.  As you get older and lose the structure society has created for young folks to achieve this, it’s up to you to continue to feed your mind.  You only get one, so use it or lose it!

And as a lifelong learner, I will keep an open mind.  I will allow myself to imagine the world different from what it seems on the surface, knowing that it could be different from what it seems, that it could even be changed.  It could get better, just as I could get better.

I can be spontaneous.  I can be calculated.  I have to be both, because as good as it is to continue to grow, you want those glorious moments, too.  I have to plan some things, have some goals, in order to get better, but I have to let surprises happen without fear.  I need to take risks and have faith and listen to others’ opinions and not jump to conclusions.

There is a lot that I can do to be a better person, and a lot of it comes with first understanding myself, peeling back the layers and going deeper.  Why do I feel the way I do, react the way I do, portray myself the way I do?  Only in knowing the why’s can I really be in tune with myself and be the best me I can be.  And that, my friends, is really winning.

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