You Never Grow Out Of Being Parented

March 22, 2013 at 9:14 am | Posted in Family Ties | Leave a comment
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They’re the ones who taught you how to ride your bike. They’re the ones that encouraged you to enter the unknown or unfamiliar, to explore, to take risks, to learn, to make new friends.  You turn to them first for advice in all things, because they are your parents.  The moment you are born, your parents are the first people you likely turn to for everything, but at some point, you are able to do things on your own, or you want to try, and your parents will watch as their little boy or girl grows up and becomes independent.

But as you get older, the decisions get bigger, and you may still need mom and dad to help you navigate stuff. Should I go to this college? Should I take this job? Should I move into this apartment? Sometimes people need a little reassurance in the  decisions that they make.

And at some point you reach a level with your parents where they need you more than you need them.  Luckily, they have taught you how to be supportive, how to help them make decisions, so you can pay them back for all that they have taught you.  It is the gift of family.

But that doesn’t mean you suddenly won’t need them.  It doesn’t completely turn the tables. There are still the life experiences you have yet to live that they can guide you through.  There’s raising kids, or writing your will, or getting a mortgage.  All of the decisions that they have made you can learn from.

I know I will always need my parents, just as much as they need me right now.  And I plan to learn from them for the rest of their lives, and beyond that, to recount the things they have taught me to my future family.

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