An Interesting Lesson in Morals from Breaking Bad (spoilers, obviously)

October 4, 2013 at 3:23 pm | Posted in Life and Living | Leave a comment

As a dedicated fan since the second season, I have had a lot of time to prepare to say goodbye to one of the best tv shows ever.  Unlike the millions who finally caught on this last season, I have had this long term relationship and was ready for an amicable split.  I imagine many newer viewers might still be thirsty for more, but for me this show ended exactly the way it had to end.  I was very worried that I would be disappointed, but I wasn’t.  Many things happened that had to happen, and miraculously satisfaction was met.

Breaking Bad was a serious emotional rollercoaster, particularly in the last season when I finally started to hate Walt.  Throughout the series, you are never really against Walt even though he does horrible things, but in that last season when everything unravels, Walt turns a corner and this time, you don’t want to follow him.

Still, I wanted redemption for him.  I remembered where Walt came from, how he was robbed of fame and fortune from his old friends, how cancer threatened to take everything he had.  He came from a place of desperation and was lucky enough to find something he was good at that made him feel alive for the first time in his life.  It didn’t matter that the activity was illegal and destroyed everything around him.  What mattered was that the great human emotions we don’t always get to feel came to him.  He was on top of the world.

At the end of the day, emotions can drive you to make some decisions you never thought you’d make.  We may try to make rational, or moral decisions, but emotions can tear you up, and if an opportunity presents itself to achieve positive feelings, many people will let emotions come before what’s right.  The world is an unfair place — why should someone do the right thing if they aren’t going to benefit, or even worse, they are going to be negatively affected?  Sometimes, the positive outcomes outweigh the horrific consequences.

And at the end of the day, nothing lasts forever.  Everything changes.  Sometimes you will do what’s right, and sometimes you will do what’s right for you.  I for one was happy to see Walt find peace and make things as right as he could given the circumstances.  I was happy to see him go out on his own terms.  Nothing in life is perfect and it is easy to say you have no regrets, but truth be told everyone has regrets. Things never go according to plan.  If you can find a way to make peace with everything before you leave this life, then you win.

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