Married Women are Pretty, Too

October 24, 2013 at 1:24 pm | Posted in Relationship Woes | Leave a comment

Let’s be honest for a second.  We live in a very vain world.  No matter how hard we try to pretend that looks don’t matter, they do, and beyond that, how we feel about the way we look and getting validation in the form of compliments does wonders for our self image.  You truly can never hear “You’re beautiful” too many times.

I’ve never had a terrible self image.  Like all women, I have my insecurities and I’ve felt unpretty or bad about my appearance at times.  I’m not used to being the girl that gets all of the attention and I’m not used to being the one getting none of the attention.  I’ve always ridden the middle of the wave, taking compliments as they come and not really thinking too much about it.  Overall, I have always carried myself with confidence, compliments or not.

But something happens when you are taken off the market and it makes perfect sense.  All of a sudden, compliments start fading away.  Men try to respect the boundaries, perhaps, and significant others have already won you, so do they really need to tell you every day that you are beautiful? (The answer to that question is yes, in case you were wondering).

And as I said earlier, I was never one to be overwhelmed with fan mail.  I had some admirers, and I don’t consider myself an unattractive person, so it makes me wonder.  Why do some people get more compliments than others? Aside from the obvious drop dead gorgeous girls, there are some hidden gems that get uncovered and some shiny stones that are left to shine on their own.  Is confidence something that turns people off?  Perhaps there’s a feeling that if they are confident, they just know how the world views them and no one needs to tell them.

But everyone needs reassurance, men and women from both men and women. Compliments shouldn’t always be tied to intentions of pursuit.  Encouraging confidence and just making others feel good makes you, in turn, feel good.

And don’t forget to be polite.  A big part of receiving compliments is actually accepting them graciously.  If you aren’t open to receiving, then people will give up.

So be kind. Tell a married girl she looks pretty today.

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