Being Your Own Boss

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As I continue thinking about what might be next for me down the road in terms of making an income, I am excited to brainstorm the possibility of being my own boss.  This is something it seems that many dream of doing, and I’ve always been too worried about the lack of stability to do it.  But if there was a way, it would probably be pretty cool.

So when my friend invited me to the launch of her new business venture, I was super curious to find out what it was all about.  I was excited to learn that she would be representing Arbonne, a  beauty product line that has followed a non-traditional business format for over 30 years.  While they covered the benefits of the products — that their products are natural, that the ingredients are FDA-approved, that their products are free of mineral oils —  a lot of their pitch was in getting others on board to sell the products as well.

Now I’ve heard of these kinds of deals before and have thought in the past that they might be a little murky, but in this particular instance, since you would be your own boss, would be investing very little, you really don’t have much to lose.  And seeing a friend of mine trying it out, a friend who is careful in her decisionmaking, I’m starting to turn a corner.  Maybe it’s a different way to do business, and maybe that’s okay.

So as my friend kicks off her work with Arbonne, I will be curious to watch her success.  Perhaps it will open up possibilities for me in the future when I am looking for a more flexible schedule or additional income, or a change of pace.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking to try out these products.  A girl always needs to explore new ways to make herself glow!  Click here to check them out for yourself!

Guest Post: Health Advice From Someone in the Know

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Something that I have struggled with in my adult life is knowing what healthcare concerns are legitimate and when am I freaking out for no reason?  Today’s post comes from a health professional from  Check it out.

So you’re pushing 30 and you think you’re old already. The reality is you’re still young – you’re just not a kid anymore. As far as health is concerned if you’re about to turn thirty you fall into a gray area. While you are too young to be at risk for most diseases it is easy to still take your health for granted.

The immunization for tetanus only lasts for 10 years so it may be time to get revaccinated if your last vaccine was when you were at college. It can also be a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor to test for general health problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. You should consider undergoing a blood test to test for any vitamin deficiencies or abnormalities as these can cause health problems later on in life. Don’t neglect your teeth – visiting the dentist more often will help to prevent cavities and gum disease. If you’re women pushing thirty and you are at a high risk for breast cancer now might be the time to see your doctor and have a mammogram.

The average age for marriage has risen significantly in the last few decades. Sixty years ago you may have been considered odd for not getting married but now it is common for women to marry later due to their education and career. If you’re worried you will have problems conceiving in your 30s you shouldn’t – according to a report published in the journal Human Reproduction, female fertility does not start to decline dramatically until after the age of 35.

The average life span has increased radically in just the last few decades due to better health and nutrition and is expected to rise further. Turning 30 means you have a long time to go yet, by the time you’re old, advances in medicine and health care should make old age more comfortable.

It’s not how old you are, it’s how young you feel. If you eat a good diet, exercise and don’t get too stressed you should age slower and stay healthier longer!

Life Without Beer

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one of my last beers for the next few months

Following my 29th birthday, I decided to stop drinking beer, at least until after my wedding. I am just finding that it is too much effort to drink beer if I am trying to get intoxicated and the empty calorie intake was overwhelming.  I know that in order to fit into my wedding dress, I need to start getting my diet under control, and that might possibly mean removing items from it that I normally ingest.  I’m not getting too crazy about my diet just yet, but I wanted to take at least one step towards getting ready to fit into my dress, and quitting beer was a fairly easy thing to cut out…kind of.

You see, me and beer have a long-standing relationship.  Ever since the first time I got drunk off of scotch whiskey as a teen and got so unbelievably sick that liquor didn’t seem like the best first choice for drinking.  In high school, the drink of choice was typically a 40-ounce of Budweiser or some Old English (there was that Mike’s Hard Lemonade phase but we won’t get into that dark period).  When I started to get into the bar/clubbing scene, I added Long Island Iced Teas to my repertoire of go-to drinks.

I started to become more interested in higher quality beer when I got to college.  When I wasn’t drinking from a keg, I was at a local brewery sampling fresh brewed beers or at a bar with 30+ beers on tap ready for taste testing.  I really liked the raspberry wheat beer that I would regularly sample.  I would eventually come up with the beers that I really liked, and for very different reasons.  Today, I enjoy a good Stella, Yueng-ling or Blue Moon if I’m looking to get a little tipsy on good beer.  Every so often I’ll enjoy a good Boddington’s if it’s on tap.  But often, I’ll stick to some basics: Corona and Pabst are always good friends.

But all of that will have to wait.  Now I am consciously switching my drink of choice to wine (red or white), and will probably start carefully adding in some liquor drinks for the real rough nights.  I will miss the casual brew after a hard day’s work, but I have to make the sacrifice, and hopefully I’ll see some results in the form of getting some weight off.

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