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My close friends know this about me  — I can easily connect many scenes from Family Guy with things that happen in my life.  No, I do not fight human-sized chickens, or destroy my friend’s house just to see them fall to the ground in their tub.  But scenes more like the clip above.  A funny play on words, this clip has been playing on loop in my head for quite a while.  What really is beyond?

Now that I am no longer pushing 30, this question has become a real reality.  What is next?  When I turned 20, with my teen years behind me, I remember feeling like it was time for me to start getting some direction, time to start taking things seriously.  At 30 I can say now that I wish I didn’t think like that, well not totally like that.  I was putting added pressure on myself because of what I thought I should be doing instead of just enjoying the ride.

We all put pressure on ourselves, and I know that won’t stop. As I am kindly reminded while I am writing this by a saying on my calendar on my desk: “The future depends on many things, but mostly on you,” I know myself and I will continue to set goals and push myself to reach them.  But I’m also going to be fair to myself and listen to myself if things start feeling wrong.  I owe that to this one life I get to lead.

There are many big things on the horizon for me, this much I know is true, and I know now that it’s okay if plans change.  I can learn to adjust to anything as long as I am open to what could be beyond.  So as I enter this third decade of my life, I will try to keep an open mind and be flexible with anything that comes my way, and I will be sure to report back on the journey ahead to all the Pushing Thirtyy (and beyond!) readers.

Here’s to 30, and here’s to what’s beyond!

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