Letter to My New Nephew

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Dear Liam Daniel,
You came into this world on March 13th, 2011 at 1:29 a.m. weighing 7 pounds and six ounces.  I first saw you when you were twelve hours old and all I could think was how perfect you are.  Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, resting peacefully.  You won’t remember the day you were born, but you need to know that you changed a lot of lives on that day.  On that day, many people opened their hearts and found more love than they knew they ever had, and it was all for you.

To the outside world, you may have looked like a lot of other babies, but I knew better.  As soon as I saw you I knew you were an angel.  You came here to bring great hope and happiness.  You came here to be loved, and to give love in return.  You came here to make the world a better place. And while you may not necessarily save the world, you have saved a family and created a new family.  You made me an aunt, my brother, a father, my sister-in-law, a mom, and my parents, grandparents.  From this day forth, you will be my strength on the tough days, you will be my light in the deepest darkness, you are my wish for a better day.

You are a lucky baby.  You have been born into a multicultural family.  You will be fluent in both Spanish and English.  You will have many cousins to play with and learn from.   Most of them will be from your mother’s side. Your father has a very small family, but we have just as much love for you as the rest of your family.

My dearest Liam, you need to know that the world we live in is not an easy one.  You will experience a lot in your life. You will learn a lot, and it won’t ever get easier.  But you will always prevail and you will become strong.  Liam, I can’t say that you won’t ever have problems or experience adversity, because you will, but you will have the love, support and confidence to triumph.  Life really is a beautiful thing.

Liam, you have given so much to this family in just the few short days you have been with us.  Your family has experienced some very tough hardships and sometimes it’s difficult to even get out of bed, but just knowing you exist makes every day brighter.

I can’t wait to hold you, and love you, and teach you.  I will always be here for you, as will the rest of the family.  Thank you for being with us, and thank you for making me an aunt.  I love you.

Aunt Dana

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So here’s the big news. I’m going to be an aunt! My big brother, my only sibling, is having his first child!  I have this crazy overwhelming feeling of love and joy that I can’t even explain.  I didn’t know I’d feel like this. In all of my thinking of the future, I never was thinking of my brother as a father.  I mean, the idea of us both having kids and them playing together (the way I did with my first cousins) did cross my mind, but the reality of it has taken me by storm.  I could not be more proud of my brother or happier for his wife and him.

Up to this point, I’ve played many roles in my life.  But all of them were under the guise of “Dana”.  This new addition gives me a new name. Now I’ll be Aunt Dana.  Aunt Dana. Wow, I really need to get used to that.  I’m still getting used to referring to my sister-in-law as my brother’s wife, and now I’ll be calling them mom and dad when I talk to their child, and my parents grandma and grandpa!

Coming from a very small family, this addition means the world to my family.  This child will be carrying on the family name, the family bloodline, and hopefully some of the family traditions and culture (mixed in with his mother’s family traditions and cultures of course).  Things haven’t been easy for my family over the past few years. This child is a good luck charm, a symbol of hope.

Wow. I’ve put a lot of pressure on this unborn child. He (or she) has a lot to live up to!  This child is going to have more love that it knows what to do with.  The whole family is going to love this child with all of their might, with all of their soul, with all of their being.

I can’t wait to hold the next generation of my family in my arms.  I may never let go.

Congrats Jess and Ira!

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