Daddy’s Little Girl All Grown Up

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They say girls have a special bond with their fathers.  I’d be a big fat liar if I said that wasn’t true.  I am the epitome of daddy’s little girl.  Part of it probably has to do with this “special bond” theory, but another, larger part of it has to do with genetics.  I am pretty obviously my father’s daughter.  I can complete his sentences and he can mine.  We handle our problems the same way; express our feelings in similar ways.  Our minds have always been very connected.  No matter how hard of a time we may have understanding my brother and my mother, we can always understand each other.

My father is an incredibly emotional man.  Any triumph, no matter how large or small, and he gets choked up by tears by how proud he is of me.  I am equally as proud of him.  I’ve looked up to him all of my life.  To this day, I cannot make a major decision without consulting him.  Without his support, I would not have taken my first job because I was worried about the low salary; without his support, I would not have rented my first apartment because I was nervous about the high rent.  Every time I have car trouble, he gets called first.  With his support, I know I will always be safe.  I rarely got in trouble when I was young because the look of disappointment on my father’s face was enough to thwart almost any misbehavior that I could have been considering.

Daddy’s little girl is certainly all grown up now.  I pay my own bills, cook my own meals, take care of myself.  But the bond between daughter and father remains just as strong, possibly stronger.  There is no man who can top my father.

Here’s a poem I wrote for him when I first went away to college.

Watch Me, Daddy

Watch me, Daddy

As I twirl across the dance floor

Let the music take you on the ride

Watch me, Daddy

When I run to the door

I need to know what’s on the other side

Watch me, Daddy

As I run into your arms

Like in that movie, with the dancers

And lift me, Daddy

So I can fly with no harm

And still turn to you for all the answers

I watched you, Daddy

Run your heart out

Your spirit flying along side

I watched you, Daddy

And listened to you, held you

As you cried

So watch me, Daddy

When I drive away

And understand, Daddy

I’ll learn from my mistakes

And please, Daddy

Don’t cry when I say goodbye

I’ll be back, Daddy

To fly along your side

So watch me, Daddy

As I fly away

And remember, Daddy

My heart is here to stay

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