You Can’t Find Me in the Club

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clubbing in college

Last night I went to see the Smashing Pumpkins in concert at Terminal 5 in New York City. For those of you from the NYC area that may be out of the loop on recent concert venues, Terminal 5 used to be Club Exit way back when.  Club Exit was one of the hottest clubs when I was young and I could be found there often.

If somebody told me ten years ago that one day I’d be going to see an alternative rock show at a techno dance club I used to go to, I would have said “huh?”

I’ve been a fan of bands like Smashing Pumpkins for years, but there was a large portion of my young social life where I dabbled in techno, which went nicely with my evening gallivanting.  When you grow up right outside of New York City, it’s almost a crime in my opinion not to take advantage of the nightlife. It’s basically a rite of passage to go to one of the city clubs after prom in my town.

But I wasn’t one of those really hardcore people, though I had a few friends that were. At the time, there were some decent suburban clubs where I could be found almost every weekend.  I liked going to these clubs because I knew a large portion of the people that went who, since they weren’t from my high school or from my town, I didn’t see often. I would roll up with my group of girls and sometimes the guys, and get to a specific corner of the bar where I knew the rest of my crew would be waiting. I’d get my first drink, lap around the bar and say hi to all of my friends that I came across, then I’d make my way back to the bar for the next drink, and so on until my girls and I were ready to dance. And so was the clubbing days of yore.  It was a really fun time.

What was it about the clubs that I loved?  There was something about the atmosphere, the music, and the clothes that drew me in.  It was a real escape from the boring day to day. At the clubs, you could be who you wanted to be. You could be sexy. You could let loose. The vibe was just right.

Other than one random stint when I was 24, I haven’t been to a club since I was 21.  I remember one of the last times I went and how I suddenly felt out of place.  It was a strange awakening – the end of an era.

It took some time to come to terms with having outgrown it, particularly since some of my friends didn’t outgrow it. The years that I spent my weekends at the clubs will always be some of my fondest memories.

Where will you be in ten years?

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Ah yes, the question asked of every high school senior since what seems like the beginning of time.  Where will you be in ten years?  A page out of my yearbook takes a stab at it for every graduating senior.  It’s actually more like a jab since most of the answers are meant to be funny like the guy who will be a Chippendales dancer in Vegas, or kind of mean like the girl who discovers she’s not where it’s at.  Mine too was sort of a personal jab that I guess might offend some people, but it takes a lot to offend me which I think is a pretty well known fact.  It also helps that I happen to have an idea of just who may have written the one for me.  This guy and I had this sort of kindergarten crush relationship all throughout school where he would try to say mean things to me but I never would get offended, but then he’d say something nice a second later.  This is just a reminder of that interesting piece in my history.

A typical night out in high school -- to be fair, I borrowed this shirt from a friend

Anyways, back to what it said.  Ready?  Dana stops shopping in the Kiddie dept. That’s it.  To be fair, when I was in high school baby tees were popular.  I didn’t dress any differently than anyone else.  It just so happens I am a small person, and I haven’t grown since high school, but the point has been taken.

So how accurate is this statement?  Well, I still shop in the juniors’ section of department stores and such, but I have added some more sophisticated stores to my list.  I was given some advice at my last job regarding this topic.  My old boss was a little girl like me, and since we were consultants, we needed to look worth the money.  Being little is a disadvantage when it comes to trying to look older than you are.  Luckily, I’m back in mainstream non-profit where the dress codes are a little more lax.  With that said, I have tried to at least look my age, and on the rare occasion that I need to look more sophisticated, I am more prepared to do that.

Professional Dana!

I’m not gonna lie.  I still have some tee shirts from when I was a kid. Would you believe that my elementary school tee shirt still fits me?  Sure it fits differently, but it still looks fine for a weekend hang around the house shirt.

It’s still one more year until this ten year mark, but I don’t know how much will change in that one year.  I think that I dress appropriately for my age though.  I no longer wear shirts that show my stomach and most of my clothes are not as tight or short as they used to be.

So I guess I have started to stop shopping in the kiddie department.  Good prediction!

A typical night out nowadays

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