The Lure of the Vegas Wedding

August 17, 2010 at 7:29 am | Posted in Relationship Woes | 7 Comments
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Vegas gets a rep for being a sexually-charged party town and a place for quickie weddings. Having just returned from my first visit there, I’d have to say that it did live up to its reputation.But there was an unexpected quality about Vegas that caught me off guard.  Beyond the card smackers promising beautiful babes straight to your door and the scantily clad table dancers, there was  a certain romanticism about Vegas.  Breathtaking views and intimate dinners pepper the strip and no doubt fuel the impulsive lovers who often end up at the corner chapel.

Eloping in Vegas is just so easy, and I’m sure some find it romantic.  I must say even I was tempted (and I’m sure my boyfriend would have preferred this easy way out) but I resisted.  To me, the work that goes into planning a wedding is symbolic of the hard work it takes to keep a relationship, a marriage, happy and healthy.  To me, a wedding where friends and family can share in your joy just makes the union that much stronger.  To me, marriage is too big of a commitment to waste that first moment on a night with Elvis.

Ok, weddings can be expensive, especially for those of us who don’t have wealthy benefactors footing the bill, or even contributing to the cause.  But there are ways to limit the cost.  A simple wedding is just as beautiful as one with the works.  A wedding shouldn’t be about competing for the best reception.  It’s about love, am I right?

I’ve only known one person who did fly off the Vegas for her nuptials, and her relationship promptly deteriorated, so maybe that has skewed my perception.  But I’m not one of those women who has had “her day” planned since I was a little girl, either.  I just simply have a high respect for marriage and feel the wedding deserves the same respect.  And besides, how many times in your life will hundreds of people tell you your beautiful all in the same day?

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