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ring2The flip side of survivalism is living the dream — taking a risk to do what you love and (hopefully) finding success. That’s the story behind my friend over at Eclectique Collection.   Eclectique Collection was born out of an artist’s culmination in creativity.  She has developed an unique style of hand-crafted jewelry using vintage pieces and making them new again.  Each piece of jewelry she creates by hand tells the story of love, of care, of history, of beauty.  Originally starting out the business as a side gig while working a full time job as a graphic designer and being a single mom, she was inspired to follow her dream full time after the loss of her father. Life is too short to not seize an opportunity, and that she did. I know her father would be proud.

And she’s been working incredibly hard to make her dream successful.  She has a lot at stake — and this new career allows her to do what she loves while being with her son.  She has seen some incredible early success, and it is much deserved. Through jewelry parties, fashion shows, and online promotion, her business is picking up steam.  I have no doubt that she will become a fixture in the fashion world in some way over the next couple of years with her dedication, determination and talent.

And I have to commend her, because this really is a big risk, and she didn’t take it lightheartedly, I know. Most independent businesses struggle to be successful. Many fail within their first year. But she is forever the optimist, and she took the risk at the right time, with the right supports in place.

Therein, lies the key.  Many people confuse the idea of risk-taking with irresponsibility or spontaneity. That is just not the case. Risk-taking, when done right, involves a plan and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed, and beyond that believing in yourself and what you have to offer the world.

When you have as much heart as this girl does, you will always find a way.

Be sure to check out the Eclectique Collection today for the latest creations, get inspired and do some shopping!

Hips Don’t Lie — Neither Do Jeans

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I hate shopping for jeans.  It’s a necessary evil that I do everything in my power to avoid.  I have even gone so far as not to purchase jeans for the past 7 years.  7 years! My cousin was working for Angel jeans at the time, and the sample size was close enough to mine, so she threw about 30 pairs my way.  They lasted for 7 years, but have slowly been disappearing from my collection due to normal wear and tear, and well, some of them were just completely out of style, so jean shopping was a must.

The thing with jeans is that you really can’t fake it.  Sucking in just doesn’t work, and if they aren’t going to make it over your hips, there is no way around it.  I remember when stretch jeans first became big.  It was the best invention ever! I can now fit into more styles of jeans than ever before, whether or not they are flattering is another question.

So why do I have such a problem with jeans fitting?  Two things — one, I am a member of the petite movement.  Short legs and long jeans just don’t work.  I’m not a fan of getting my jeans hemmed as I have found that they somehow seem to shrink more when you wash them, so I’m always looking for short jeans. Secondly, I am also a proud member of the big booty brigade, so even if the jeans would theoretically fit my waist, it doesn’t matter if they don’t fit over my behind.

With these minor set backs, when it comes to shopping for jeans I cannot be shopping for anything else, otherwise I will walk out empty-handed.  I have to be focused on the task at hand.  I no longer can get away with Angel or MUDD jeans.  I have to be an adult about this, so I try on a bunch of different brands. Most recently, I’ve purchased two brands.  Seven and Michael Kors. I am particularly in love with my Michael Kors.  They just fit so well!  The only downside is that they almost always have gold embellishments on them and I don’t wear that much gold.  Mr. Kors, if you are reading this, can you make a line with silver embellishments? Thanks.

I’m really not a name brand whore.  I’ve always been one to, at least, be aware of the trends and to follow them as I see appropriate.  I choose these name brands strictly based on the fit.  I purchase them at a discount, not a department store.  If I found a non-name brand that fit, I’d totally buy them, but something tells me I wouldn’t have much luck.

So I will gladly wear my Michael Kors until they no longer appear socially acceptable.  I’m slowly rebuilding my collection, adding in some leggings to break up the blue jean monotony, and hoping I’m a long ways from adding Mom jeans to my collection. 🙂

Size Matters

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some from my collection


We all know that women have love affairs with their purses.  They can’t get enough of them.  Purses are like crack, covered in peanut butter, then dipped in chocolate, and then fried to perfection.  You can tell a lot about a woman by her purse, and by the contents of her purse.  I’ve recently found that you can even tell the age range of a woman by one particular aspect of her purse — it’s size.

Now, I want to make this clear. I’m not talking about the clutch she takes for a night out on the town, or her hoe bag that she keeps in the trunk of her car for if she doesn’t plan on going home.  I’m talking about the every day, “I need to carry my life in a bag” purse.  Every girl has one.  You may switch it up a bit, but there is that one purse that gets more lovin’ than others. And of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

I first started carrying a purse regularly when I was in 7th or 8th grade.  At that point, they were small, plastic, square-like things.  What did I really have to carry with me everyday?  Nothing really.  Maybe some lip gloss and a few bucks (this was way before pre-teens had cell phones).  I really carried a purse just to feel more grown up.

As I’ve gotten older, my purse has gotten bigger and more purposeful.  You require more and more things to be with you all day long.  Today, my purse holds my wallet, my change purse, my ipod, my phone, my blackberry (yes, two different things for me), my lip gloss, and my keys.

I have taken my belief to the streets.  Every day on the subway, I examine the purses around me.  I guess the age of the owner of the purse, and then I look to her face for validation (interesting way to make my commute go by, I know).  I can tell if a woman is in her 30s, 40s, or 50s just by the size of her purse.  I haven’t been keeping score, but I bet I have been pretty accurate (it’s not like I can actually go up to these women and ask how old they are. That would be really rude).

I’m currently in the market for a new purse, having worn my other daily purse out (RIP dark pink Dana Buchman).  When I shop for a new purse, I do what every girl does — I try it on.  It has to feel just right and look just right on my arm.   If it looks too big, it’s a goner.  I shop all over the place for purses — Kohl’s, Annie Sez, Aldo, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, DSW, Nine West.  I saw an ad the other day for Tiffany & Co, now selling purses!  I’ll search the world for just the right purse and the right size (and well, the right price kind of matters).

The brand of a purse may tell you how high or low maintenance a woman is, or how much money she makes.  The color of a purse may tell you that she is adventurous, or conservative.  The detail of a purse may tell you that she’s artistic, classic, gothic, or divalicious.  But it’s the size of the purse that matters when it comes to age.

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