Update on My New Place

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When I was engaged and in the planning stages for my wedding, I had a vision of what I wanted.  It wasn’t anything too extravagant, but it was pretty specific.  I wanted straps on my wedding dress.  I wanted my bridesmaids to wear black leopard jacquard print dresses.  I searched and searched for these things before finding items that didn’t match my vision, but matched me.

Building a home has been very similar to this.  When I first walked into my new apartment, I was already mentally buying furniture and decorating.  I had dreamed of doing this for a while, and having given up on my old apartment a long time, I took this is my chance.  And, similarly to my wedding, I have a deadline.  I want this place to be complete by Labor Day weekend.

But my self-imposed deadline mixed with my very specific vision has once again proven to be at conflict.  I don’t want to wait forever for furniture and I need to get this image out of my head and find things that fit me.  At the end of the day, my desire for decisions to be made in a timely matter beats out my vision of perfection.

Because nothing is perfect.  It would be like trying to find the perfect man.  It’s not that you shouldn’t be picky, but you need to be open to possibilities.

So I am working to let go of my vision.  The first step was purchasing a couch that was not the color I was originally looking for.  This changes everything I had in mind for my living room, and that’s okay.  A week from today, I will have somewhere else to sit in my home besides the toilet, and that’s what counts.

But there is still so much more to go, and I have to remember that my deadline is in fact self-imposed. I have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on myself and I think it is taking a toll on my body.  I know it will all come together in time, and it will be perfect even if it doesn’t meet my vision.

Shower Me with Love

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When I first moved out of my parents’ house, I bought a lot of new furniture for my new place.  I was moving out with a 1 year old labrador retriever into a 1 bedroom attic apartment with steep stairs, narrow staircases and ceilings that mimicked the roof above me.  This meant a lot of limitations into what kind of furniture I could actually get.

With these limitations, I bought a desk, nightstands, and dressers that I had to build and a queen size bed that came with a 2 piece box spring.  I bought a futon, because a regular couch wouldn’t fit up the stairs and I took a few hand me downs to round things out.  Basically, I was furnishing an apartment and was unable to decorate it quite the way I imagined.  It was like an extension of my college apartment with slight upgrades.  Even the dishes I brought with me were leftover from college.

So I told myself when I got engaged, I would register for some real stuff.  When I was ready to get married, I would finally begin to invest in adulthood with a little boost from my friends and family (and that of my husband to be…whoever that was).

That was 5 years ago, and this past weekend that thought finally came true.  My friends and family came out in full force to support me in this rite of passage called the bridal shower, and I gotta say, I really felt the love.  Being on a serious budget, I relied heavily on my bridesmaids, family and in-laws to be to help pull this off, and everybody went above and beyond to make sure everything went off without a hitch, and if there was a hitch, they dealt with it and tried to make sure I didn’t get involved.

I can’t lie — in recent years, I haven’t really been a fan of bridal showers.  Watching other people open gifts just seemed so weird to me.  The last time I opened that many gifts I was probably 8 years old and there may have been a clown there (is that too old for clowns? kinda out of touch with age appropriateness of children).  But after this past weekend, I totally get it.  You really do need that boost to get to that next level, and aside from the wedding, everything else will be up to me and my husband to be.  And I will absolutely be paying it forward to my friends, the brides of tomorrow.

I love you guys.

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