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There are lots of statistics out nowadays that tell you what industries will be hiring over the next five to ten years.  These, of course, are all predictions, and clearly the numbers don’t go beyond ten years because no one really knows what industries will even exist twenty years from now.

Well, I for one don’t want to be a victim of the new economy.  That’s why I am already thinking about what I would do as a career if I couldn’t do what I am doing now.  I am beginning to brainstorm what avenues I would take and what I need to be doing over the next few years to prepare for that back up career.

The thing with my work is that it can be applied to very many industries.  As a communications professional, I have worked solely with non-profits for nearly six years and the array of organizations have varied widely.  All organizations need communications, but in the non-profit world, it’s not always easy to make a case for funding communications positions, since some employers either don’t understand the importance of the industry, or, more likely, don’t see the connection between the work and the dollars brought in.

I know this particular skill set is valuable, and that I could even make the bridge to the corporate world with it — that’s definitely not something I would rule out.  But you never know what the future will bring.  You never know when the next recession will be, and what jobs will be affected.

So what else would I do if I couldn’t do what I am doing now?  Perhaps I’d get into the programs or fundraising aspects of non-profit work.  Maybe I’d become a lobbyist.  Maybe I’d beef up my graphic design skills and focus in on that.  Maybe I’ll dive real deep into web work and even learn some programming. Maybe I’ll do something completely different like become a professor. Guide to Career Education is a valuable source of information if you’re looking for institutions that offer a variety of degree courses for possible career options in the future.

Right now, I’m not sure which direction I will go down the road.  It is possible that I will reach the peak of my current career track and decide to do something completely different.  I’m not really sure.  I feel that over the next few years, I need to at least decide on what I’m going to do to gain more diverse skills.  Perhaps becoming the Renaissance woman will play in my favor.

What would you do if you had to switch careers?

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