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ring2The flip side of survivalism is living the dream — taking a risk to do what you love and (hopefully) finding success. That’s the story behind my friend over at Eclectique Collection.   Eclectique Collection was born out of an artist’s culmination in creativity.  She has developed an unique style of hand-crafted jewelry using vintage pieces and making them new again.  Each piece of jewelry she creates by hand tells the story of love, of care, of history, of beauty.  Originally starting out the business as a side gig while working a full time job as a graphic designer and being a single mom, she was inspired to follow her dream full time after the loss of her father. Life is too short to not seize an opportunity, and that she did. I know her father would be proud.

And she’s been working incredibly hard to make her dream successful.  She has a lot at stake — and this new career allows her to do what she loves while being with her son.  She has seen some incredible early success, and it is much deserved. Through jewelry parties, fashion shows, and online promotion, her business is picking up steam.  I have no doubt that she will become a fixture in the fashion world in some way over the next couple of years with her dedication, determination and talent.

And I have to commend her, because this really is a big risk, and she didn’t take it lightheartedly, I know. Most independent businesses struggle to be successful. Many fail within their first year. But she is forever the optimist, and she took the risk at the right time, with the right supports in place.

Therein, lies the key.  Many people confuse the idea of risk-taking with irresponsibility or spontaneity. That is just not the case. Risk-taking, when done right, involves a plan and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed, and beyond that believing in yourself and what you have to offer the world.

When you have as much heart as this girl does, you will always find a way.

Be sure to check out the Eclectique Collection today for the latest creations, get inspired and do some shopping!

In the Jewelry Box

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The saying goes “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” What girl doesn’t love something shiny? Girls love wearing pretty things. It makes them feel pretty. It makes them feel like a princess. Oooh, does anyone remember the game Pretty, Pretty Princess?

I’ve gone through a lot of different jewelry stages. Aside from following the trends from the Tiffany Bean to Pandora, I wore a lot of jewelry at different times in my life. In middle school, there was a time when my whole arm was covered in bracelets. That was normal back then. Then there was the period where I wore 10 rings — one on each finger. Nowadays, I still wear jewelry, but I’ve toned it down a bunch.

As a kid, my father actually made jewelry and sold it at jewelry shows. So when my good friend starting creating handcrafted jewelry, I was super excited. It was like revisiting a creative part of my past. I loved the idea, and I love her style.

By using pieces of broken and old jewelry, the Eclectique Collection creates one of a kind funky, yet antique looking jewelry — pieces that really make a bold statement. And as an independent artist, the owner makes custom pieces too. It’s a great way to breathe new life into old pieces with sentimental value.

This is the kind of innovation and creativity I love to support, and the final products are pretty spectacular. So consider this your independent artist plug of the week and check out this girl’s awesome jewelry!

Pandora’s Box

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I was riding home on the train with my train buddy the other day, catching up on all things when he brought up what is apparently a new trend among, in his words, “grown women.”  He tried his best to explain these charm bracelets that are meant to represent one’s life journey, and the men he saw in the store purchasing charms of upwards of $3,000 dollars.

So I did what any other curious person would do.  I Googled said bracelets. I found images of said bracelets. I was unimpressed by said bracelets.  Seriously ladies, charm bracelets?  What are we, 14 years old?

You may, at this very moment be wondering how I, a grown woman, missed this trend, and had to learn about it from a married man.  There are not a lot of trends I do miss, though there are many that I have chosen not to partake in.  I think I subconsciously ignored this one due to lack of interest.  But I do remember the link bracelets that had charms of sorts, and I was definitely into the Tiffany trends — the bean and the boxed bracelet specifically.  I have a name ring from my teenage years and I had a few Y necklaces from when those became popular.

But I cannot get into charm bracelets for “grown women.”  I just can’t.  Then again, I don’t buy a lot of real jewelry, at least not at the moment.  But since I misplaced my favorite ring a few weeks ago, I do have the craving for something new.

I really miss my favorite ring.  I got it for my 20th birthday.  My best friend had just bought herself a pink gold Movado, so of course I needed to have some pink gold.  I walked into this Portuguese jewelry shop, drew the jeweler a picture of what I wanted, and he made it, just for me.  My own unique one-of-a-kind piece.

To me, this is more of a story than any that a charm can symbolize, but I guess others can find the same memories in the charms that they buy.  To each his (or her) own!

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