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photoLast week, I had the great honor to attend one of the last shows ever at the historic Roseland Ballroom.  The venue has been a New York City staple for 95 years and last night all of that came to an end.  The venue has hosted many of the great performers over the last century, its intimate setting ideal, at least to me, for a great concert experience.  To be able to be in a crowd with happy fans and be able to actually see the performer is just not something that happens when you attend stadium shows.  For the past few years that I’ve been going to Roseland, I have fallen in love with it just as so many others before me.

So when I learned that one of my favorite artists would be the last performer, it was truly bittersweet and somehow, a super appropriate send off.  Lady Gaga did the venue the justice it deserves.

The crowd at Lady Gaga concerts is always a fun one, with lots of costumes and makeup in the crowd of true devoted fans.  This combined with concert goers sharing their memories of the venue made for a very special night.

When it all ended, there was an unusual feeling, an eerie pause in the crowd.  People didn’t rush to the door like they usually do.  Everyone took a moment to say goodbye to the place where so many memories were made.

Time is but a fleeting thing, and you really have to take opportunities when they come, because they won’t always be there.  As Roseland disappears from the New York City landscape to be replaced with housing, all that will be left are these memories.  There are many moments, many opportunities I wish I had taken.  But I get it now. I really get it, and now I get to have this great memory.  I get to be part of history.

Goodbye Roseland. Thanks for the memories.

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