In Limbo

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I am seriously experiencing that in-between seasons feeling. I am so over winter and ready for spring, and I’m so stuck with this inconsistent weather situation, I literally can’t get dressed in the morning. I’m just so confused, waiting for the next step, knowing it’s coming but lacking the patience to not pull out my cute spring clothes and bury my winter coat.  It’s like playing limbo.  I’m frozen under the bar in that awkward bent-backwards position.

That’s how I feel right now, about so many things.  I’ve hit this age — this milestone — and I’ve accomplished a lot, but I’m not yet in the next phase of my life.  Still, I am trying to figure out what is next.  I have some ideas, but a lot of stuff just seems to be moving so slowly, and like anything in life, I have decisions to make, and you just never know if anything is the right decision, so all of that always weighs heavily on my mind.  I know there isn’t much I can do about that, but it is added to this uneasiness I’ve been feeling as of late, especially with the things that are out of my control!

And as I get older that limbo bar gets lower and lower as decisions get harder and harder and obstacles take more effort to accomplish.  The stakes are high, and it’s harder to wait for things to fall into place.  You worry more because it’s harder to bounce back.  There is no instructional handbook that helps you get from one step to the next, and while it seems as though there is a path to follow, how do you really know if that’s the path you are supposed to follow? If you make a wrong turn now, it takes a long time to straighten out the road, with many bumps and bruises along the way.

I just have to keep calm and be patient, I know, but patience is a virtue I am still working to develop, and I’m not the type to sit back and let life make decisions for me.  I am an active member of my life, and in due time, the next stage of my life, no matter what it includes, will be right in front of me, and I’ll get out from under the bar and face it head on.

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