My Nine Inch Nails

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When I was little, I hated cutting my nails.  I hated doing anything that seemed too girly.  I was a huge tom boy with super long nails.  I actually stopped playing basketball because the other girls couldn’t stand the sound of my nails scraping against the ball.

By the time I entered middle school, my nails had grow really strong.  I became significantly more girly and always had a taste for being unique yet trendy.  In 7th and 8th grade it was cool to wear blue nail polish and lipstick, and wear a thousand rings and bracelets.  At least I thought it was cool.  Oh yea, did I mention the blue hair dye? Yea, that was hot.  Anyways, back to the nails.

I had a Caboodle filled with nail polish. I would often line up the bottles on my windowsill and admire them.  I taught myself to paint my own nails — both hands — without shaking or awkwardness.  This is a skill I still utilize today.  Back then, I would paint my nails literally everyday to match my outfit (I had my outfits planned out for a month — very strange, I know but we all have our quirks).  I would constantly get comments on my nails. Even my 7th grade social studies teacher to this day remembers me by my nails.  They were so long, so strong! How did I manage them?  I just got used to them.

As I got older, I kept the long nails but painted them less regularly, and less crazy colors.  But I still painted them myself.  Every so often, I would treat myself to a manicure, but it never became the norm.  It was the one beauty treatment I felt I could handle on my own.

Today, I still paint my own nails for the most part, though I do love a good pedicure in the summer.  There was about a two year stint where I didn’t wear nail polish at all. It was when I started my first job. It was the first time I would spend 8 hours a day typing and I just couldn’t handle it, but eventually the color returned.

My mother gets her nails done regularly, wraps and all.  I asked her about it recently and she told me that she started getting them done and then she just couldn’t stop.  Her nails rely on the constant treatment to stay strong.  But when she was younger, she did have strong nails.

I wonder if I will ever meet the same fate.  Will I become a Sunday nail salon lady, gossiping and chatting it up with the other moms?  It would be a far cry from the days of blue nail polish.

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