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I was riding home on the train with my train buddy the other day, catching up on all things when he brought up what is apparently a new trend among, in his words, “grown women.”  He tried his best to explain these charm bracelets that are meant to represent one’s life journey, and the men he saw in the store purchasing charms of upwards of $3,000 dollars.

So I did what any other curious person would do.  I Googled said bracelets. I found images of said bracelets. I was unimpressed by said bracelets.  Seriously ladies, charm bracelets?  What are we, 14 years old?

You may, at this very moment be wondering how I, a grown woman, missed this trend, and had to learn about it from a married man.  There are not a lot of trends I do miss, though there are many that I have chosen not to partake in.  I think I subconsciously ignored this one due to lack of interest.  But I do remember the link bracelets that had charms of sorts, and I was definitely into the Tiffany trends — the bean and the boxed bracelet specifically.  I have a name ring from my teenage years and I had a few Y necklaces from when those became popular.

But I cannot get into charm bracelets for “grown women.”  I just can’t.  Then again, I don’t buy a lot of real jewelry, at least not at the moment.  But since I misplaced my favorite ring a few weeks ago, I do have the craving for something new.

I really miss my favorite ring.  I got it for my 20th birthday.  My best friend had just bought herself a pink gold Movado, so of course I needed to have some pink gold.  I walked into this Portuguese jewelry shop, drew the jeweler a picture of what I wanted, and he made it, just for me.  My own unique one-of-a-kind piece.

To me, this is more of a story than any that a charm can symbolize, but I guess others can find the same memories in the charms that they buy.  To each his (or her) own!

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