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Communications Department at my first jobWhen work replaces school as the required activity that takes up the majority of your time, it’s only natural to want to make friends on the job. To be able to connect with someone in your office who you can see everyday, talk about how crazy your company is, and then go out that night and throw a few back makes working for a living worthwhile.

I have made a lot of friends in the workplace in my short career.  Many of whom have fallen off since moving on in their careers, but some I’ve actually been able to hold on to.  I have one friend from my first job who has been very good at keeping in touch, even though she moved away.  Luckily she’s not too far, and I don’t mind driving a couple of hours to visit her every so often.  For good friends, it’s worth it. My boyfriend was even a work friend originally, but that’s a story for another day.

The thing about work friends is that, since you work so closely, it’s easy to develop a strong trust very quickly.  I made a good friend at my second job who helped me get through some really tough times.  I think I helped her, too.  There were countless times we’d be emailing from cubicle to cubicle, running to the bathroom crying over something stressful related to a coworker or a client. Then there were the times we’d run to the bathroom crying over nasty fights we had with our other friends, and any other problem we had going on in our lives.

We thought we were going to leave that company at the same time.  I was devastated when she left.

We don’t talk much anymore.  Somehow, we never reached that “out of office” level, though we were so close.

Work friends can hurt you and love you just the same as your other friends. At the end of the day, they have a life outside of work, just like you.  Sometimes, they will let you in, sometimes they’re just too wrapped up to add another layer to their lives.

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