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There is one night each year that has somehow become the biggest night to party.  It’s not New Year’s; it’s not the 4th of July; it’s Thanksgiving Eve.  I don’t know how that happened, though I assume it probably has something to do with successful marketing by a coalition of businesses who saw an opportunity to get people to come out midweek with the added bonus that their hangover meal would be the biggest meal they have eaten all year.

So here we are on the eve of the big eve.  I’m getting asked by my friends what we are doing, I’m asking people what they are doing, I’m getting invites to events online.  This has become the norm.  It is expected that, like New Year’s, you will be doing something.  At least, I still expect to do something.  But I have a feeling, when I take a look around this year, that the crowd is going to continue to get younger as I get older.  After all, my earliest memories of Thanksgiving Eve celebrations date back to before I was legally allowed to drink (avid readers of this blog and close friends will recall the infamous Thanksgiving Eve I was brought home by the cops for being in a bar underage).

But I’m still in the stage where I am living life for myself.  As I get older and get more responsibilities, I’m sure this will change.  But I’ve said this before. My husband and I are still out for a good time.  Many newlyweds do start thinking about settling down, and sure it’s on my mind, but I still feel like I can squeeze in a few more good times before my priorities change.

So this year, I still don’t know what I’m doing.  I know what I won’t be doing. I won’t be clubbing the way I used to.  I will dress as appropriately as I can plan to for this night out.  My midsection will not be showing.  I will probably not go to a place that stamps my hand or puts a wristband on me.  I will go somewhere that is easy to get to without driving, making the responsible decision not to rely on one of my friends to be the a designated driver.  I will hopefully go somewhere that has dancing, so that drinking isn’t the main activity, but if not, I’ll go somewhere where I can enjoy a good conversation with my friends.  I will continue to party with my fellow good timers and I am sure that my hangover will likely be worse, even if I’m drinking less than I did when I was younger.  Because that’s what comes with age.  But I’m still going to party for this fake holiday.  It’s a great excuse to have a good time.

Of Legal Age and Still Taking Advantage

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our room in Puerto Rico didn't have a fridge, so the sink took over

I was thirteen when I got drunk for the first time. It was off of scotch whiskey, taken from an old dusty bottle in my parents’ cabinet, put into a water bottle, and explained away as iced tea.

I was at my friend’s house, which was basically the place to be.  Everybody hung out there, which means everyone was there to witness me, little eighth grader with glasses, puking and swearing I had never drank before.  Everyone found it hilarious, including the upperclassmen that were there.  Needless to say, I got teased about that for a long time.

I remember keg parties, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and forties; drinking anything I could get my hands on.  It wasn’t hard to get alcohol underage in my town.  There was always an upperclassman with a fake ID or older brother willing to help corrupt us.

By senior year, my cocktail of choice was Long Island Iced Teas. I’d go to the local club and down about five of them and feel damn good.  I also had about four fake IDs, though I usually just chalked my own.

In college, while many people were first experimenting with alcohol, I was perfecting the practice.  I could be drunk as a fish and be able to convince anyone that I wasn’t.  I learned how to puke in a very clean way and very quickly, and was even recognized by the janitor as the cleanest puker he’d ever seen.  In college, the evening activity was going out and drinking, or staying in and playing drinking games.

Towards the end of college, I started to enjoy good quality beers.  I began to appreciate the art of alcohol. Today, I still enjoy a good beer, and the occasional tequila shot, some sake, or dare I ask for a shot of absinthe.  Now, a glass of wine is part of a nice dinner or a treat after a long day’s work. It doesn’t come in a box anymore. Now the evening activity is still quite often the bar, or hanging out at a friend’s place, but the objective isn’t to go out drinking (usually). It’s to hang out with good friends and wind down from work.  Oftentimes inebriation happens, and I’m still working on the whole hangover, mixing alcohol, thing.

Today when I walk into a convenience store and see the sign that reads something like, “You must be born before 1990 to purchase alcohol,” I immediate feel old. I’ve been drinking for 14 years already.  But alcohol, like any other pleasure in life, is something you have to learn to manage so you can enjoy it appropriately. It’s Thirsty Thursday! Drink up!

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