Christmas Lights

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Check this out in the Boogy down Bronx

‘Tis the season to run up electric bills and build fire hazards, all with the intention of getting into the holiday spirit, a tradition that goes back centuries all across the world.

Growing up Jewish, in an area where the population with split between Jews and Christians, it was always easy to tell who was who at this time of year.  I never decorated my house with lights, never had a Christmas tree.  I wasn’t crazy jealous of those who did, but I was always curious.  I remember going down to my grandparents’ apartment on the upper east side and being mesmerized by the Christmas tree in their lobby, and the candy canes that decorated it.  Anything that meant I received candy was a good thing.  But Jews had gelt, and to me, chocolate will always trump mint.  But really, it’s not a competition.  So many of the traditions between so many cultures are so similar, it’s just interesting to see how people observe them.

But I do have to say, there is a certain amount of excitement that you can’t deny when you see a beautifully decorated tree or a elaborately ornate home.  I mean, millions of people literally travel to New York each December to see the tree at Rockefeller, and of course window shop.  And in the Bronx, the Garabedian house has been causing traffic jams for years.

The lights, these decorations, somehow enhance our imaginations, the excitement of the season.  They help to create this atmosphere that the season is known for.  It’s all about generosity, about togetherness, about hope.  Even the Jewish holiday of Hannukah aligns with this image.  Hannukah is the festival of lights.  For eight days we celebrate miracles.

So as I get older and start thinking about what I would want my children to experience, I would consider decking the halls of my home.  I think it’s important to get into the spirit of the season, even if it isn’t your religion.  The message is clear.  Help those who are less fortunate than you.  Enjoy the company of your loved ones.  Be inspired by the miracles that happen around us, every day.

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