Remembering Tragedy

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It is hard to think of anything else on this day. Though life has gone on, on this day there is a somberness that carries throughout the city air. People everywhere will shed a tear as they remember those that we lost, where they were when they found out, how helpless, confused, frightened they felt. They will remember how we all came together for a brief moment to share in the grief of the colossal loss of mankind, and the sobering reminder of how short life can be.

The events of 9/11/01 will forever go down in history. But the funny thing about history is that it has a way of evolving. The moment is marked, but as time goes on stories seem to change, especially when we don’t tell them often enough. Each day that goes by brings new life and the loss of life. And so, we need to tell the stories again and again to those who didn’t experience it, who don’t know the world pre-9/11, or those who don’t remember.

I remember. I was a college freshman living away from home on my own for the first time. There was no Facebook. Information got out fast, but not as fast as it does today. Not everyone had a cell phone. Nextels were popular, but the service was terrible where I was. There hadn’t been a major world event such as 9/11 for years, at least not one that would rock the entire foundation of America, though admittedly I was never a good history student much to my father’s dismay. The first major world event that I could recall was the Gulf War. I went through a lot of my schooling without being exposed to the evils of the world. I was lucky.  It was a long calm before the storm. Had 9/11 happened while I was in high school, I think I probably would have paid closer attention during history class.

But it didn’t. It happened right when I was going out into the world for the first time. It happened when people were going to work, sitting in traffic, getting their morning coffee, taking a shower, checking their email. It happened when people were getting promoted, celebrating birthdays, going into labor. It happened while people were living their lives, and it made us all pause, as though the world had been stopped, a photo taken that captured where you were, who told you and how you felt.

Today I have my final dress fitting for my wedding. If you had asked me where I would be on the anniversary of 9/11 I could have never guessed. How could any of us have ever guessed? But life does go on, and happy times can outweigh the sad. But I will take a moment or two to remember. Because we can’t ever forget.

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