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The face of a 22 year old, or the face of a 27 year old?

The summer movie season is just about to start (I for one am absurdly excited about Scream 4) and lately I’ve found myself watching a lot of movies (of course, having a boyfriend who is obsessed certainly helps).  We’ve spent a lot of nights this winter going to a friend’s house, hanging out and watching movies, and that is where I got the idea to blog about this (thanks cute face!).

When did every character in the movies become younger than me?  Hollywood has always focused on teenagers in films, I guess because as teenagers there is the whole “coming of age” angle to work with.  You’ve got the whole Twilight series, and even the Harry Potter kids who are now teenagers.  Stories about teenagers cross all genres.  But beyond the huge teenage focus in movies, there are some films that focus on people in their early 20s.  The one that is freshest in my head is actually Scott Pilgrim, where they tease the main character about a relationship with a 17 year old girl.  Scott’s character is about 22 and does not have his life figured out — a pretty fair portrayal of a 22 year old, I’d say.

But let’s fast forward to our late 20s, those of us pushing thirty, if you will.  Wow. It took me a whole year to actually use the title of my blog in a post.  Go me!  I digress.  Movies like 27 Dresses portray a girl in her late twenties who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Ok, pretty fair portrayal of life at this age.  But then there are lesser known movies like Morning Glory (starring Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford).  Rachel’s character is like, 28 when she lands a job as executive producer for a failing morning show.  Now, they do make a point to say it’s kind of crazy to have someone this young in such a high position, but her neuroses makes her a good fit.

Still I wonder, is this all our age group has to offer?  Whining about not walking down the aisle and making leaps and bounds in our careers?  Sure, this is part of it, but there are plenty of late twenties people who are more like Scott Pilgrim — still figuring it out.  And there are plenty of late twenties people who are balancing full time careers with a social life they don’t want to give up.  Where are those movies about a 27 year old who has a crazy Tuesday night and needs to go back to work tomorrow?  Why does it always have to be about big things in life?  Why can’t we have a little fun?

I know that the older I get, the more distance I am putting between me and the characters I can relate to. I mean, I’ll probably start relating to other characters at some point, but I’m sorry. I loved the book Eat Pray Love, and I haven’t seen the movie, but I don’t want to have to relate to a woman that age. No offense.  I just want more movies that highlight my current demographic.  It’s not easy.  We still do stupid things.  There is a lot you can highlight from my age group. Are you listening, Hollywood? … or YouTube? Anyone?

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