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So it’s under a year now until my wedding day and planning is moving slowly but surely, and of course along the way I continue to get advice and figure out things I want and do not want at my wedding, and what I want the mood of the night to be.  One of the pieces of advice that I received seemed like a given to me, but apparently it is not.

One of my single colleagues asked me to do her one favor — do not have a “singles” table at the wedding.  For me, I never would have even thought to do that.  It’s not that I’m against people meeting at my wedding — I’d encourage that — but I just don’t think there is any reason why someone’s relationship status should determine where they sit at a wedding.  Just because two people are single doesn’t mean they have anything else in common.

With that said, I don’t imagine creating tables of couples with just one person flying solo.  It’s been a while since I’ve been on that side of the game, but from what I recall being surrounded by couples isn’t exactly an ideal situation for a single person, particularly a newly single person.

For my wedding, I want to create a fun, welcoming environment.  For me, it’s not just my day.  It’s a day where everyone I care about come together to celebrate the union of my fiancé and I, but for me the keyword really is celebration.  I would absolutely love for two of my friends to meet at my wedding and hit it off, but creating a singles table and attempting to force the situation is just not the approach I would take.  From what I remember, relationships and connections happen a little more naturally than that.

So this was a pretty easy request to fill for my colleague.  Some of the other requests I’m sure won’t be as simple. But I will do my best to make my day worth sharing with those I love.

How do you feel about singles tables?

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