Props to the Single Ladies (and Gents)

September 9, 2010 at 7:41 am | Posted in Relationship Woes | 11 Comments
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Contrary to popular belief, not everyone my age is on the verge of getting married.  There are some still living the single life.  Today, I’d like to pay some respect to these folks.

I was never very good at being single.  Even when I was as young as elementary school, I was boy crazy.  I had crushes on boys since the first grade and it just got worse as I got older.  I was always chasing after some guy in one form or another and never could hold on to one for that long. (Remember those ridiculous 2 and 3 week “relationships” from middle school? I had my share of those).

If I were single today, I don’t think much would change.  I’d probably be calling up my long lost lovers trying to reignite whatever attraction existed a thousand years ago, and occasionally date a few new guys. I’d probably even try online dating.  I undoubtedly would have guys on the mind and not even think of truly enjoying the single life.

But there are girls out there that can be single without the thought or dream of a relationship ever forcing them to falter.  There are girls that are willing to sit back, relax, enjoy being independent, and when the time comes to pair up, they won’t push it away. But they aren’t actively looking.

But it doesn’t get any easier to meet someone, as you get older.  After college, you are no longer surrounded by your peers 24 hours a day and most of your days are spent at work.  You are lucky enough to have time to hang out with your friends at night and on the weekends and still tend to the rest of your responsibilities, before even getting to the point of having time for dating.  It’s just not easy to meet people these days.

So to all the single ladies (and gents – don’t want to forget you) I must give you props. You are all beautiful, strong and independent and anyone would be lucky to have you, when you are ready for him or her.

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