Slumber Party!

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As a kid, play dates were awesome.  But what’s even better than play dates? Sleepovers!  Sleepovers meant that we could stay up and hang out with our friends for longer than usual, and when we woke up in the morning they’d be there ready to hang out again.  Sleepover parties were a big deal in late elementary school and middle school.  They would be the way to celebrate birthdays.  A bunch of kids, (never boys and girls together — yucky!) playing truth or dare and gossiping with flashlights in sleeping bags.  That was fun.

Towards the end of middle school, sleepovers changed a little.  I would stay at one of my friend’s places every Friday after hanging out around town, because she lives closer to the village and people would hang out at her house. My dad would pick me up the next morning. It wasn’t really a sleepover.  But I would also stay over at my other friend’s house, who lived two doors down from me, because God forbid we stop hanging out.  In high school, sleepovers continued to transition into an easy way to go out and stay out much later.  And sometimes sleepovers were a lie said so you could stay over at a boy’s house (not ratting anyone out here, but you know who you are *wink).

In college and beyond, if you had a “sleepover” it was either because you were hooking up with someone and fell asleep afterwards, you were drunk and passed out a friend’s house, or you had guests come in from out of town that had planned to crash at your place.

The idea of sleepovers for sleepovers sake became foreign.  Why would you choose not to sleep in your own bed?  Hanging out with friends is somehow more valuable than a good night’s sleep.  I never slept well at sleepovers. I was always the last to fall asleep and the first to wake up. And I was okay with that. I didn’t want to miss a minute.

I must admit, when my friends come visit and stay over, there is a sleepover vibe.  My one friend falls asleep immediately while my other friend and I chitchat.  There is something about those late night chats that bring out a certain vulnerability, a certain honesty.  Perhaps the night just brings out some of the best conversations.  Perhaps this is why sleepovers just won’t die.

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