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Welcome to a very special Wednesday post!  I’m taking part in 20 Something Bloggers‘ Blog Swap!  I’ve been paired with Drake, a blogger from Miami.  Check out his blog, Love Monkey for dating advice for men.

Here’s the topic: Share anything summer-related with us! I hope you all enjoy Leo’s post and be sure to check out his blog for my post!

Summer can mean a lot of different things depending on our age, location, marital status, etc. Technically, Summer is defined as the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February. Indeed, this is the case for all of us here at Love Monkey due to the fact that we are in one of the best summer vacation spots in the world…Miami! As I am you are you’re aware, Miami is the home of Miami Beach (a.k.a. South Beach) where all the celebs and beautiful people flock to year round. As a kid, summer meant no school and an extended trip out of the “Magic City” (a.k.a. Miami). However, as we are forced to become adults (ugh!), summer means no break from work, super hot weather and tons of tourists. Can’t complain though as Miami has been and will be my home for many years to come unless I become famous and move to New York or Los Angeles of course. Duh.

The summer of 2011 served to be one with many ups and downs. For starters, our blog Love Monkey | Dating Advice for Men, launched the beginning of June and has taken off quite well since it’s inception. Feels good to have an idea sketched into your mind and being able to transform it into something tangible. Since Love Monkey discusses topics related to love, dating and relationships, let’s take a turn down that alley. The Summer of 2011 consisted break-ups, start-ups, question marks and a sprinkle of drama here and there. So much for Summer Love huh? For me, Summer has become a time of reflection. Other than Thanksgiving/Christmas time, Summer is a time where our lives differ from the rest of the year which leads me to take a step back and look at where I am and where I’d like to go relating to many aspects of my life. Figuratively speaking, the love/relationship “cog” in the machine that is my life has always been the cog that needed the most WD-40 and elbow grease but was always put on the back burner as all other cogs in the machine churned successfully. Sometimes things just click in our minds and enable us to finally realize something we’ve been ignoring or neglecting. We never stop growing and evolving in my opinion. The key is to allow yourself to do so instead of ignoring it or pushing it aside.

The main thing I can take away from this Summer is the realization that when it’s all said and done… life is nothing without special people to share it with. Appreciate the people that appreciate you. Realize you cannot do it alone as the other half needs to put forth the same amount of effort. Know your value and be valued. Enjoy the time allotted and don’t take it for granted.

Summer Skin

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this should be me

It’s that time of year to start working on your summer tans! Nobody wants to walk on to the beach looking like a ghost.  What may be even worse are those who don’t tan correctly and show up looking like a farmer (that’s never happened to me, though I did once go tanning wearing flower print shear undies, and ended up with a garden butt for like a week — hey, I was an amateur!)  You want to have a good tan, so you don’t want to be sloppy, or wait until the last minute either.  A good tan takes time.

And since it’s not quite warm enough to lay out in the sun, it’s time to resort to some form of indoor tanning.  I can hear the naysayers scolding me now — “Tanning beds give you cancer, it makes you look old,” on and on and on.  Well guess what? Just about everything gives you cancer.  It’s all about moderation and being aware of your body (and knowing when to stop).  You can’t live your life avoiding everything that may lead to cancer.  Of course tanning and being tan isn’t for everyone, either.

I do remember a time when the only way I got color was from playing in the sun.  As kids, we didn’t really care, but we did see stuff on TV that we would mimic to be cool — laying out in the sun was cool! Using Sun-In to make your hair blond was cool!  As I got into high school, I was very concerned with my looks, like any teenager.  I would go tanning once or twice a week.  By the time I was a senior, I was at my best — tan, skinny, and full of promise.

As I refocus on getting back my high school body (don’t laugh) I’ve started tanning once a week.  It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to wake up my skin for the pending summer sun.  I know I won’t do it forever and I’ll never be a Jersey Shore kid, but for now it works for me.  I have yet to explore the spray tan phenomenon but know that at some point my fear of getting wrinkles from the booth will take over.

And at some point I won’t care at all.  My attention will be focused on a billion other things.  It’s so easy to stop tending to your beauty needs as you get older, so I want to try to look my best for as long as I can.  So if that means tanning occasionally, then tanning it is.  And I’ll keep the lotion on hand, and the aloe near by.  I’m not stupid.

What are you doing to prepare for the summer?

Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

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I was walking my dog one morning last week the way I always do – with my eyes barely open, my hair a mess, and in my pajamas. We always walk the same route, with very little variation (dog owners know that dogs run on routine – when you break that routine, you will have a very confused and neurotic dog on your hands).  On this morning, there was an outdoor cat doing what cats do. Well, for my dog, it’s true what they say about their feelings towards cats. Whenever my dog sees a cat, instinct takes over and the cat’s life is at high risk. So I decided to turn down another road to avoid confrontation.

It was on this road that I felt a sudden prickling on the top of my foot.  At first I thought it was just a weird pain that I got from moving my foot in an awkward way, but when I lifted up my pants I saw a bee harvesting my foot. I shook it off, but it was too late. I had been stung.

I was completely shocked.  I totally forgot about bee stings.  I haven’t been stung since I was a child.  I remember the constant summer worry about bees. All children were aware of it. They were told to stand completely still when a bee was around.  I also remember exactly where I was the last time I got stung about twenty years ago.   I was at the pool, standing by the water on the grass when the bastard came up and got me in the back of my thigh.  I don’t really remember the pain, but I do remember that children in general don’t usually handle pain well.

With all this in mind, I tried to act cool.  I’m an adult now. It’s just a bee sting. I’ll be fine.  Let me tell you, it hurt!  I was putting ice on it and trying to get ready for work.  I can’t call out sick for a bee sting, right? That just sounds ridiculous. But my foot was swollen to twice its size. I couldn’t put much pressure on it and had to elevate it when I got to work.

It’s now days later and my foot is doing much better.  I have just started wearing normal shoes again. But I know I’ll be fine.  I know you must think I’m being such a baby, but when was the last time you were stung?  To me, this was a reminder for when I have kids that bee stings hurt, so when mini Dana comes crying hysterically to me with a swollen limb, I’ll be able to relate to her pain.

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