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It has been a while since my last wedding planning update.  I have done a ton of planning, but I’ve also done a ton of other things as well, so wedding stuff at the moment falls in line with the rest of my to-do list.  Perhaps it’s because of a longer engagement, who knows?  All I know is I have booked all of my vendors and feel like I can do some of the more relaxing parts of the planning process, like working on my registry.

I remember when I first moved out, when I was still with my ex.  I remember building my furniture collection much in the way as I did in college (hand-me-downs and DYI).  I wasn’t about to spend money on nice stuff. I didn’t have the money, nor did I have the space.  I always had it in my head that when I got engaged, I would register for nice stuff.  Of course at that point I thought I would be marrying my then boyfriend, and follow the typical course of life (marriage, house, family, blahblahblah).

So now that I am actually engaged, reality is quite different that what I imagined.  It is not easy building a registry, attempting to predict what I will need in my married life.  What is really going to change once I get married?  Not a lot at first.  So do I really need dinnerware for dinner parties that I may or may not hold in the next five years? And how do you even buy plates when you don’t know what your future kitchen will look like once you get to the point of buying a home?

So I’m struggling a bit on this one.  I am finding myself spending a ton of time trolling through merchandise online trying to figure out what a good wife needs (luckily, I found some great Amazon coupons here).  I tend to lean towards kitchen gadgets because I like to cook. But what about bathroom stuff, or other stuff? I just don’t know.  How do you inventory a life not yet lived?

And I know that I should just take this as an opportunity to upgrade, to make those incremental improvements to life that I always talk about.  But it’s such a strange custom to me. Tell people what you want, have them buy it and wrap it, and then pretend to be surprised when you open something you asked for?  And then followed by a personalized thank you note, as though I will remember in five years who got me that food processor?

I don’t know, but it’s putting a lot of things into perspective for me.  I don’t know what is on the other side of this wedding, because wedding planning isn’t marriage planning.  Perhaps this custom will help me consider what tools I need in my toolbox for a successful marriage, but I’ll take the gifts in the meantime.

A Butcher, a Baker???

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I hear it all the time.  If you like to prepare food, you are either a cook or a baker.  For some reason, there is a separation between the meal and the dessert that is prevalent in the cooking world.  Pastry chefs are different than “regular” chefs.  People who like to cook typically lean towards one side or the other.

I guess I’m an outcast in this respect.  I love to cook, but I do not lean towards dinner or dessert.  Instead, I lean towards recipes and techniques that I am familiar with, or that don’t seem too hard to learn, but I’m always experimenting…and watching the Food Network.

I’ve been a food fanatic since I was young, when several of my friends can recall spending days blending weird ingredients together with me.  I even remember making meatballs with my Girl Scout Troop once — I think it was the first time I had ever cut onions, and I have a vivid memory of it.

And I’m still learning a lot.  There are so many techniques I want to learn, and so many ingredients I have never worked with.  And there is only so much you can learn from the Food Network and cook books.

Part of what will help me is buying the right tools to make certain dishes.  This is where my wedding registry will play a huge role in making me a good homemaker.  But it’s more than that that I crave.  I want to be really good.  I am driven to get better for myself, not because I plan on ever becoming a professional chef, but because I am interested in preparing good food.

So looking into the New Year, I am thinking of taking my experiments a few
steps further and taking some classes. I’ve started to do some research and there are a lot of options for non-credit, affordable courses to learn techniques.  Once I find a good one that is cost-effective and fits into my schedule, I think I’ll give it a shot.

So plan on hearing from Chef Pushing Thirtyy in the New Year. More food adventures to come. Until then…peace out 2011!

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