Surprise! You’re Overweight!

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As part of my fitness routine, I have taken to weighing myself often.  I assumed that I probably weighed about the same as I did when I was in high school and college, because I still wear a lot of the same clothes as I did back then.  When I weighed myself I wasn’t surprised to see that I did gain a little weight since then.  I’ve only recently returned to working out and I’m older now.  It’s normal, right?  But I couldn’t figure out where the extra pounds were.  My boobs have gotten a little bigger. I always had a big booty, and thighs to match, but nothing too out of a control. Maybe a few pounds on my stomach.  Nothing to worry about.

But if you go by standards of measuring your height and how much you “should” weigh based on that, I am slightly overweight.  Me and many Americans are “overweight”.  Now, I don’t want to get into the whole overeating epidemic that has made this country fat overall. I want to stay focused on the fact that people who look like me, who don’t fit into the bracket of pounds defined for them, can be considered overweight.  Have you seen what I look like? I do NOT look overweight.  And I eat super healthy, most of the time.

A lot of things effect a person’s perception of being overweight.  We see super skinny celebrities and try to emulate them. And we use these “medical standards” and think they are accurate.  There was a time when super skinny was not attractive, when super skinny meant you were poor.  Having a little meat on your bones meant you were healthy and wealthy.  That’s no longer the case.

So what is the new normal?  How much should I weigh?  I’ll tell you one thing. Since I started working out, I haven’t gained or lost more than a pound.  Maybe if I worked out more, I’d lose a little weight.  I’ll keep trying. But I think my body might also be telling me something.  It is happy the way that it is.

The Fight to Stay Fit

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There is always an excuse, always a reason not to work out.  It takes real effort and determination nowadays for me to prioritize fitness.  But it wasn’t always this way.

There was a time when I worked at the local gym.  I worked out five days a week: a half hour on the elliptical, then on to the weights and abs, alternating days between upper and lower body.  I had things going well.

In college, there was an added bonus to working out.  I could get credit towards graduation!  I took water aerobics, kick boxing, and weight training classes, and then I taught weight training.  I really loved working out, particularly lifting.

Just last week I joined the gym for the first time in three years. Yes, I went THREE YEARS without a proper fitness routine.  When I started working full time, I found it hard to fit fitness into my schedule, and it only got worse from there.  After I got my dog, he demanded a lot of attention.  Being out of the house ten hours a day, I couldn’t stand being apart from him any longer, so I went home and walked my puppy.

I did try to find a fitness routine that worked from home.  I bought a body bar, a yoga mat, and ankle weights, and being a self-proclaimed expert in weight training, I knew I could make use of these items.  But I’m not the type of person who can just up and lift weights in my apartment.  I need to be out of the house, but it also needs to be convenient for me. Plus, have you ever tried to work out with a dog near you?  It doesn’t turn out so well.  I did try running this spring, but then it just got too hot and a week long business trip through me off course.

I really enjoyed classes, so I tried finding some kind of class I could take without joining a gym.  I was very close to signing up for a pole dancing class, but that fell through.

I reasoned that I get enough exercise.  I walk the dog a mile and a half a day and go up and down the 40 stairs it takes to get into my apartment several times a day.  I can still wear the same pants I wore in college. I am fine.

But here’s the truth — the real reason why many people work out.  They have a fear of gaining weight.  And rightfully so.  You can’t have your cake, eat it, and stay thin while sitting on your ass.  I got real into working out in college for fear of gaining the freshman 15 (I didn’t) and as I get older I know it will only get harder to keep my size down.

So now the dog is no longer a puppy and with the live in boyfriend, he gets plenty of attention.  I can get back to me now.  No more excuses.

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