My 2012 Body Image

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it would be awesome to only use funhouse mirrors

It’s a new year, and a new beginning for all of us.  A clean slate. A time to try to set goals and start fresh.  It’s time to start cutting back on all of the holiday indulgence and to get serious yet again about physical fitness and health.  This year, I am approaching all of this with a new perspective, one that is very difficult for women in particular to grasp.  I look damn good, and I’m working out/eating less cupcakes because it makes me feel as good as I look.  We all could use a little improvement, but really, I look good.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I am honestly sick of obsessing over why non-stretchy jeans won’t fit over my ass, or how unflattering silky materials can be on a curvaceous woman.  The reality is that I am young, and with very little effort, I have been able to maintain a weight that allows me to wear a lot of clothes I wore back in high school.

I look good, and I’m not being cocky.  The truth is I am young, and many women ten years older than me would look at me, and if they hear me complain about my thighs, they will laugh, remembering their own insecurities, which are still there, and say how much better they had it when they were younger, how much better they looked when they were younger.

One day, I will be on the other side.  I will struggle to maintain my figure.  I’ll have children.  I’ll be tired.  My body will be less forgiving.  One day, I’ll remember how I looked when I was 16, 22, 25, 28, and remember how I used to eat 3 slices of pizza and not see a visible difference in my skin or weight.

It obviously is not going to get easier to stay in shape, so I’m going to start loving what I have now.  I will cut back on the negative things I see and say about myself and turn them around and look at the positive.

So while I will continue to be mindful of my health and fitness, I will of course set goals, but I’m not going to beat myself up. Not anymore.  Women are just too damn hard on themselves and it’s time to put a stop to it.  You are beautiful now. You will be beautiful tomorrow, even with the extra couple pounds in your midsection.

Old Dog, New Tricks

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he's definitely a retriever

With spring comes the desire to lose your winter weight. What also comes with spring is the desire to be outside.  So what do you do when it’s nice out and you want to work out? You go for a run, or go biking, swimming, or some other outdoor activity. I’ve picked running for now.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve been running on and off for the past year. Before that I hated it, but I’m growing more comfortable with it.  But that’s of course not the only exercise I get.  I do a lot of walking and climbing stairs. I have no choice in those activities. I live in a 3rd floor walk up at the top of a hill and I commute via train and subway.  I also have a dog I walk twice a day.

There are only so many hours a day and getting to the gym just seems like such a waste of precious time.  I save time by going running when it’s nice out.  How else can I save time?

How about combining walking the dog with my running?  But how would I do that?  How do I teach a five year old dog how to run with me?

It just kind of happened naturally. I came home one day and said, “let’s try this.”  So we’ve been doing this for a few weeks 3 or 4 times a week (minus this crazy rainy week), and it’s working out really nice. I don’t feel the need to listen to music when I have good company, and for the most part, he stays right at my speed (give or take a bird or squirrel sighting). When he does speed up or slow down, I’ve found enjoyment in the challenges of going faster and appreciated the moments I can catch my breathe while he sniffs out the grass.

Old dog, new tricks.  Only I’d say that I’m the old dog in this scenario.  It wasn’t that long ago that I wasn’t a runner and had never owned a dog before.  If you asked me in high school if I would ever be caught running with a dog, I’d probably give you a smart ass laugh, possibly a joke, and say, yea probably no.

Because learning new things is uncomfortable for everyone: man and dog.  But there is some beauty in finding comfort in the unfamiliar.  That, I believe is the key to endless possibilities.

NYC Marathon: A Triumph of the Spirit

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The NYC marathon was just this past Sunday. This annual event holds a special place in my heart and has been intertwined in my life since I was a little girl.

You see, my father was a marathon runner. He ran ten marathons in his career, including a comeback race three years after suffering a heart attack. The marathon brought the whole family together on the streets of New York where we’d wait in rain and cold to catch a glimpse of my father halfway through the race. We were all in awe of him and so proud.

When we met him at the finish line, there was always this sense of peace, mixed in with exhaustion, that took over. He was accomplished, every time, even if it took six hours. He stood there, huddled in his traditional wrap with his medal around his neck. He even gave me a few of his medals.

My father always told me that the marathon was a triumph of the spirit, and I was always in awe of those who could complete such an arduous task.

I told him when I was 18 I would run the marathon. I am now 27 and I have not come anywhere close to doing so. I have not yet developed a dedication for running. I actually did start running at the same time as I started this blog, but it only lasted for 3 months before famous excuses like business trips and summer heat got in the way. I have yet to pick up and try again.

I wonder if I ever will run the marathon. My father was in his 40s when he ran it. Maybe it’s a goal I’ll reach at a later time in my life. If I ever do, I know my father will be my inspiration.

Congrats to all the runners from Sunday’s race! You are truly an inspiration to us all.

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